New Venture Partners

A venture capital firm, collaborating with major corporations and R&D
institutions on technology innovation, to build new companies.

About Us

With 20 years of experience, our team has founded and funded more than 60 ventures sourced from some of the world's great technology companies. We began as the venture capital arm of Lucent's renowned Bell Labs in the mid-90's and became an independent venture firm in 2001.

What We Do

We invest in new ventures with proprietary technology. We take an active role in identifying candidate technologies, building great management teams and developing partnerships with major corporations.


The Rationale

Corporations that invest heavily in R&D often lack channels to market for the opportunities they create. Strategic and financial rewards from commercializing innovations through venturing are often missed. Expertise and capital are needed.


Corporate Partnership

New Venture Partners establishes close, long-term relationships with global technology corporations and other institutions to commercialize their technologies. We seek to leverage the corporate ecosystem to generate financial returns for the corporation and commercial advantage for the new venture.


Our Team

Our founding team has been together for nearly 20 years of venture capital investing in concert with major global corporations.
We are supported by a strategic advisory board of executives, academics, and statesmen.


Andrew Garman
Managing Partner


Stephen Socolof
Managing Partner


Tom Uhlman
Managing Partner


Marc Rappoport
Chief Financial Officer & Partner


Stephanie Petak
Assistant Controller


Jane Dela Cruz
Office Manager & Executive Assistant


Stewart Davies
Chairman, Advisory Board


Sir Peter Bonfield
Advisory Board Member


Henry W. Chesbrough
Advisory Board Member


Sir Richard B. Dearlove
Advisory Board Member


Paul M. Horn
Advisory Board Member


Daniel C. Stanzione Sr.
Advisory Board Member


Peter Wheeler
Advisory Board Member

Our Portfolio

Our Case Studies


Silicon Hive BV

Semiconductor tools that enable chip designers to make fully-programmable System-on-Chips (SoCs) for demanding applications.


Everspin Technologies

Everspin’s unique magnetic-based semiconductor memory technology (MRAM) is used for storage, communication, automotive and industrial applications which revolutionizes non-volatile memory by storing data using magnetic polarization rather than electric charge.



Flarion’s Flash-OFDM mobile communications network technology demonstrated seamless mobile Internet access, enabling mobile operators to profitably offer low-cost, IP-based wireless broadband services. Flarion ran successful trials with several carriers throughout North America and Asia, Vodafone Group in Japan, T-Mobile in Europe, and Telstra in Australia, among others. In January 2006, Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) purchased Flarion for $805 million making it the second-largest venture backed company exit of that year.



Celiant Corporation (Celiant) designed, manufactured and sold power amplifiers and base station subsystems for 2G and 3G wireless systems. These power amplifiers resided in the base stations of mobile communication installations, enabling adequate signal strength to be transmitted for reception by mobile handsets.



GainSpan develops Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions that deliver the convenience, security and manageability benefits of Wi-Fi, along with 5-10 years of battery life needed for applications such as temperature monitoring for energy management, condition monitoring of industrial equipment, or street lighting for metro areas. Investors include Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, OVP Venture Partners and Sigma Partners.



AetherPal is transforming the support experience for mobile device customers. The world’s most respected mobile operators and device OEMs rely upon AetherPal’s Smart Care™ products to engage directly and authentically with customers to quickly resolve issues, augment device performance and improve productivity, resulting in satisfied customers, fewer device returns, and lower support costs.

The Smart Care™ suite supports all major mobile and computer platforms.  Powered by in-house developed patent-pending algorithms, we differentiate ourselves as a faster, lighter and more secure solution to remotely manage smart devices utilizing real-time data while ensuring complete user privacy. These characteristics of our products allow us to deliver a superior experience resulting in increased brand loyalty and fewer device returns while significantly reducing support costs.

AetherPal Inc., backed by leading venture capital firms, is based in New Jersey near New York City with offices in Chennai, India.


BLiNQ Networks

BLiNQ Networks is the leading developer of intelligent non-line-of sight (NLOS) wireless backhaul systems for compact base stations that enable wireless carriers to address the growth in demand for capacity.  As wireless carriers increase the density of cell sites by deploying compact base stations that improve the capacity of wireless networks, operators will need cost-effective and intelligent backhaul systems to transport data to the core network. BLiNQ’s NLOS backhaul product is a point to multi-point backhaul network deployed in a cluster configuration in urban or suburban areas operating in licensed spectrum bands, such as 2.3/2.5/2.6 GHz or 3.5 GHz TDD bands.


Brisbane Materials

Brisbane Materials aims to be the leading supplier of anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings for solar and other applications. Born out of the University of Queensland in 2005, Brisbane Materials builds on six years and significant investment in technology and application experience. Longer term, Brisbane Materials will extend its unique room temperature and atmospheric pressure synthesis of glass and ceramic coatings to a wide variety of materials systems and applications.



CrossFiber develops and manufactures LiteSwitch™ Modules: flexible all-optical switching modules for a range of applications from ROADMs to automated fiber cross-connects. They re-invented every element of photonic switching, until we shrank size, packed performance and eliminated costly technologies.




Everspin Technologies is the global leader in developing and manufacturing magnetic-based memory (MRAM). With roots in Freescale Semiconductor, Everspin is now an independent company backed by prominent venture capital firms. A growing number of leading corporations have adopted Everspin MRAM to enable their most advanced products.

“Freescale was looking for the right investment partner to commercialize a breakthrough technology that had continuing strategic importance for them. New Venture Partners negotiated an entire set of agreements for the spinout of our business and for our ongoing manufacturing and sales partnership with Freescale, and led the syndication with other venture investors. We now have a thriving independent venture and a strong strategic relationship with Freescale. ” -Saied Tehrani, Founder and COO, Everspin Technologies




GainSpan develops Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions that deliver the convenience, security and manageability benefits of Wi-Fi, along with 5-10 years of battery life needed for applications such as temperature monitoring for energy management, condition monitoring of industrial equipment, or street lighting for metro areas. Investors include Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, OVP Venture Partners and Sigma Partners.



An engine alternative that North America needs – now.

The ICR350 is cleaner burning and more cost effective than the best diesel engines today.  It emits less than one-eighth of the NOX/particulate emissions allowed under EPA 2010 regulations with better fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than diesels.

“ICRTec owns the alternative to traditional diesel power – an innovative, fuel efficient, low emission and fuel flexible gas turbine engine that competes in the North American $14 billion diesel engine market. ”



Novinda has developed a proprietary technology that effectively removes mercury from post combustion gases of coal fired power plants. Proposed 2011 federal regulation, in addition to existing state regulations, requires the removal of a large portion of mercury, which is toxic to humans. Removal is accomplished with the injection into the furnace flue ducts of a solid sorbent material based on naturally occurring clays. Unlike the principal alternative, activated carbon, Novinda’s sorbent allows resale of fly ash, a solid combustion byproduct, as a component of concrete. This is both environmentally safer and an economic advantage for the power utility. The company is introducing its product to the utility market this year. Novinda is based in Denver, CO.




NVMdurance delivers via software, a set of NAND Flash optimization techniques developed over the past 13 years by technical co-founders Joe Sullivan and Conor Ryan. These have the effect of greatly extending the endurance (lifespan) of Solid State Disks (SSDs), and thus overcoming a major issue (limited endurance) that is delaying the storage industry’s transition from spinning magnetic (hard) disks to SSDs, particularly for server/enterprise storage.

We know from our engagement with major SSD manufacturers and Flash foundries that the results routinely achieving are significantly ahead of any in-house or competitive approaches to endurance improvement. At Flash Memory Summit 2013, NVMdurance won Most Innovative Technology after demonstrating endurance improvements greater than tenfold. NVMdurance achieves higher levels of improvement with the newer smaller geometry devices, many of which have major endurance challenges.

“Ironically, two of the more popular innovators at the event were in a small booth at the back of the show floor. Conor Ryan and Joe Sullivan of the two-month-old startup NVMdurance won a best of show award for their 10-fold increase in flash endurance — an Achilles’ heel of the otherwise hot memory chips. ” -Rick Merritt,, August 2013


Vasona Networks

Developing software that improves mobile carrier infrastructure efficiency.



Provider of mobile resource management services that allow enterprise customers to improve productivity by enabling the management of the activities of their mobile workers and assets and their goods and services.

In February 2005, @Road (NASDAQ: ARDI) acquired Vidus Ltd., a private company whose investors included New Venture Partners.



AirClic, headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvaniais, is the leading provider of mobile supply chain software products that enable large and medium sized enterprises to efficiently manage the activities of mobile workers. The company’s product solutions are focused on providing customers with proof of delivery, chain of custody and asset tracking features and functionality. Key industry verticals include document storage, health care, food distribution and package delivery. The company’s products offer work flow management, mobile forms, bar code scanning, signature capture and location based services. The company’s go-to-market strategy includes direct sales to large enterprises and working with channel partners on middle market enterprises.

Airclic was acquired by Descartes Systems Group for approximately US $29.7 million. Airclic’s investors included JMI Equity, New Venture Partners and Zon Capital Partners. Canaccord Genuity Inc. acted as financial advisor to Airclic.



Designs and manufactures RF subsystem solutions for wireless, fixed-line, broadband service providers and broadcasters worldwide. In June 2002, Andrew (NASDAQ: ANDW) acquired Celiant Corporation, a private company whose investors included New Venture Partners and Pequot Capital.

“The New Venture Partners team was key to the success of Celiant at every stage in its lifecycle from the identification of the opportunity within Lucent’s Wireless business unit though the successful sale to Andrew Corporation in 2002. They supported us at every turn with everything from business plan development, to negotiating the IP and asset transfers from Lucent, smoothly transferring over 100 employees from Lucent, structuring OEM supply and contract manufacturing agreements with Lucent, to securing the growth funding Celiant needed to execute its business plan. New Venture Partners understands how to partner with large technology corporations and venture management teams and create win-win scenarios for all involved. ” -Ralph Faison, Co-founder and CEO, Celiant & former CEO, Andrew Corp.



Producer of handheld Point of Care (POC) diagnostic devices with the accuracy and precision of laboratory instrumentation. Partners with diagnostic and OEM manufacturers seeking to increase current test accuracy, improve the portability of existing tests, or develop new assays for use in physician offices, laboratory outreach locations, retail clinics, and patient homes. Investors included New Venture Partners and Safeguard Scientific.



High-bandwidth, ultra-dense optoelectronic modules for Internet infrastructure equipment manufacturers. In January 2004, Xanoptix acquired Aralight, Inc., a private company whose investors included New Venture Partners, Ridgewood Capital, Signal Lake Ventures and Solar Venture Partners.



Azure Solutions

Award-winning revenue assurance software and services, enabling communications operators worldwide to reduce losses from malicious and unintentional revenue leakage. In June 2006, Subex Systems merged with Azure to form Subex Azure Ltd. Azure’s investors included A.G. Edwards, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, Hexagon Investments, Intel Capital, New Venture Partners and Sequel Venture Partners, among others.



Developer of power amplifiers and base station subsystems for 2G and 3G wireless systems. In June 2002, Andrew Corporation (NASDAQ: ANDW) acquired Celiant, a private company whose investors included New Venture Partners and Pequot Capital.

“The New Venture Partners team was key to the success of Celiant at every stage in its lifecycle from finding the opportunity within Lucent’s Wireless business unit though our successful exit. They supported us at every turn with everything from business plan development, to negotiating the IP and asset transfers from Lucent, to smoothly transferring over 100 employees from Lucent, to structuring OEM supply and contract manufacturing agreements with Lucent, to securing the growth capital Celiant needed to execute its business plan. New Venture Partners understands how to partner with large technology corporations and venture management teams and create win-win scenarios for all involved.” -Ralph Faison, Co-founder and CEO, Celiant & former CEO, Andrew Corp.



DAFCA develops electronic design automation (EDA) software for the creation of flexible Systems-on-Chip (SoC) solutions. The result is faster time-to-market and lower chip development costs. Investors include 3i, Bay Partners, Kodiak Venture Partners, New Venture Partners and Vista Ventures.

“We have been working closely with New Venture Partners since before DAFCA was DAFCA, and greatly appreciate their sharp business acumen, customer-centric focus and moral support. We began life as a fragile slide show with lots of holes; today we have a substantial company with a unique value proposition. New Venture Partners has been with us every step of the way.” -Peter Levin, CEO, DAFCA



Pioneering provider of software components, applications and platforms for VoIP application developers and large service providers. In June 1999, Lucent Technologies Inc. acquired Elemedia.



Flash-OFDM mobile communications network technology for seamless mobile Internet access, enabling mobile operators to profitably offer low-cost, IP-based broadband services. In January 2006, Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QQQ) acquired Flarion, a private company whose investors included Bessemer Venture Partners, Charles River Ventures, Cisco, Equitek Capital, Nassau Capital, New Venture Partners LLC, Pequot Capital, SK Telecom and T-Mobile.

“The New Venture Partners team collaborated with me and many other Bell Labs researchers to create an exciting alternative path for commercialization of disruptive ideas. In my case Lucent had other priorities that prevented them from committing the resources to realize my vision. Working with the New Venture Partners team to develop the business strategy and plan, we were able to spin Flarion Technologies out of Lucent with funding from a strong group of venture capitalists. Over the years we raised more than $150M to commercialize our technology. Ultimately, Qualcomm acquired Flarion for more than $800 million. ” -Rajiv Laroia, Founder and CTO, Flarion



GeoVideo Networks

Full-service provider of video communications services and solutions. In June 2001, Wire One Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WONE) acquired GeoVideo Networks, Inc., a private company whose investors included Crest Communications, East River Ventures, New Venture Partners and Thomas Weisel Partners.



Provider of reliable multicast software that delivers solutions and integration services to service providers and public and private network operators. In June 1998, Talarian Corporation acquired GlobalCast Communications, a private company whose investors included Draper Richards, Innovacom, Labrador Ventures, and Sofinnova among others.


iBiquity Digital

iBiquity Digital develops AM and FM broadcast technology that transforms today’s radio from analog to digital, with radically improved sound and new wireless data services. iBiquity was created in August 2000 by the merger of Lucent Digital Radio and USA Digital Radio. Current investors include 14 top radio U.S. radio broadcasters, including ABC, Clear Channel and Viacom; as well as venture capital firms such as Grotech Capital, J.P. Morgan Partners, New Venture Partners and Pequot Capital.

“Since the late 1990s, the New Venture Partners’ team has been instrumental in evolving iBiquity Digital to the successful, market-changing company that it is today. Their operational guidance and insight with strategic industry partnerships has helped iBiquity bring digital HD Radio technology to AM and FM stations across the country. ” -Robert J. Struble, Presideincludingabert Biquity Digital WEBSITE

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