Monday Morning Rigor

NVPLLC’s Marc Rappoport, CFO & Partner, participated in a roundtable discussion for PEI Magazine’s April Issue article written by Nicholas Donato.

Is the industry on the verge of providing investors with monthly reporting? It’s a scary question
for CFOs, who struggle enough as it is to deliver valuation statements on a semiannual or
even quarterly basis. But forces outside of GPs’ control may prompt institutional investors
to demand timelier, more rigorous reporting. Questions surround whether this is ultimately
good for the industry, and if so, how firms’ finance teams could possibly cope with a heavier
workload. To find out, pfm assembled a roundtable of private fund CFOs, auditors and
valuation specialists to assess the situation and discuss what other valuation best practices a
firm could utilize to save time and expense, and above all, to satisfy information-hungry LPs.